Spirit Guide Consultation

diving deep into communication // your natural spiritual assistance team

About Spirit Guide consult

The Spirit Guide Consultation is an opportunity to meet your Spirit Guides. 

This Specialized reading is built to familiarize you with your Spirit Guide team. This includes the basic soul structure of each of your guides, how that translates into their unique power to give you support in certain areas of your life, and the method and sensation of communication they use to reach you.

We go over in depth who is in your guide team and how they advise you!

We will also explore the current advice they have for you and apply it to your goals and visions. 

Having a frame work for speaking to your most potent spiritual allies can increase your intuition, offer expanding awareness of the ethereal and heighten your ability to make aligned choices utilizing their advice.

My vision is to get you intimately acquainted with their influence so you can determine for yourself when they are connecting with you and interpret their advice for yourself. No other intuitive or outside authority necessary.

Embrace your intuitive faculties and get acquainted with your team!