Spirit Guide Consultation

diving deep into communication // your natural spiritual assistance team

About Spirit Guide consult

WHat you Recieve

This is a three session consultation geared towards getting you familiar with your guides. Understanding how they operate and how they influence and guide you into aligned choices. 

The first session: We go over in depth who is in your guide team and how they advise you. We will also go into current advice from each spirit guide. We will apply their guidance to your current goals. And structure actions using your Soul Profile from the initial reading as our guidelines to abundance!

Second session: We check in about how the actions are going, as well as any new guidance from your guides. Going deeper into how they actually play a part in influencing you towards positive outcomes for your goals.

Third reading we assess results based on actions in the first reading

all designed to get you familiar with your team and how they work with you. Each session allows a deeper trust and connection to the advice and guidance of your team.

Optional to add sessions if you need more time to find their connection.

The goal here is to get you intimately aquainted with their influence so you can determine for yourself when they are connecting with you and interpret their advice for yourself. No other intuitive or outside authority necessary.

three session package 

only $225.00




Zan Dean


Guerneville, CA

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