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My name is Zan Dean and I am happy to welcome you to Shaktivisions.

You may be wondering, what is Soul Realignment?

What are the Akashic Records?

And who is Zan to be able to offer this amazing service?

Well keep reading, because I am going to answer all of those questions and more...

raise your hand if this is you...

"i spend...

So much of life going through the motions, wishing to understand what "fulfilled" even means...

Some things have clicked and the feeling of " waking up" is there but what more can I do about it?...

It is so tough to implement change and be confident in the gifts I know I have as a soul...

There must be something more to understanding who I am - and then use my abilities to make a impact!"


   I have felt what it is like to open up my awareness, driven to take my inherent skills to the next level. BUT - everything just feels like a merry go round. Without the unshakable confidence in who I am and what I am meant to do it just feels like a constant start and stop.

  As a seeker of knowledge and self awareness, for years I still questioned my souls natural gifts and abilities and just couldn't rise past the karmic blocks that were holding me back.

  I had already spent years doing Yoga, certified in modalities like Reiki and studied every course on manifestation and the law of attraction out there.





In negative patterns and habits that took up much of my time and energy. I still felt like I was missing the confidence in knowing WHO I AM to really push through the tough times.

I was stuck in fear of pursuing one of my life's passions because I didn't think I had the inherent soul skills to pull it off and truly LEAD others on the path of knowledge.

It is so overwhelming to be growing in your self awareness, knowing that there is a greater piece of yourself out there to uncover but simultaneously be totally stuck in patterns of self doubt!

With more awareness comes more responsibility. The more energetic responsibility I gained the stronger my ability to manifest my reality...

But because I was stuck in negative patterns of past karma, couldn't clear through the baggage to stick to the confident soul inspired actions that could truly focus my energy and expand on all of the AMAZING and positive goals I desired...

I ended up manifesting a whole bunch of Sh**

I wanted to get to that feeling where I could walk away from work at the end of the day absolutely beaming, because I couldn't believe that I could create a life DOING MY SOULS PURPOSE and living into my true calling


I had spent so much time questioning my truth, being stuck in negative patterns

obsessing over healing my "blocks"...


Thinking that if I just took one more online "masterclass" about manifestation I would break through and start creating the life of my dreams....

Doing hours of YouTube meditations trying to fix my "mindset"...

I was stuck in fear that I would stay unsure of my truth and keep ambling around in the dark with nothing other than a sense and intuition that there was something more to tap into....I just needed to find "IT!'



Avoiding even the one thing that I knew I did want for fear of responsibility and failure.

I just wanted to get to a place where I could feel the foundation of my self - so I could really start building something meaningful.

I knew that I had the power to channel truth and support others in their journey of self awareness and the universal energies... I just didn't know what to DO about it (PLUS all that debilitating self doubt I've been mentioning, LOL)...

Then I discovered Soul Realignment - and I had actually busted through enough negative patterns to commit to something that called to my soul. I began the process of unveiling my souls gifts... And WOW -this information fully aligned to all of the pieces of myself that I knew were there but was scared to admit AND commit to.

I have totally been there

i was still stuck

This went on for years

taking aligned action and allowing myself to flow...

I took the leap towards the one thing that I knew I wanted in my life - and I now knew was fully aligned to my souls purpose and abilities...

And it was a HUGE success!

I went to work one day and starting laughing out loud that I actually had a career that felt meaningful to me, aligned to my gifts and I got paid for it!

I began...

As simple as learning my souls truth, understanding my blocks and then allowing myself the courage to take action towards my goals

KNOWING that I had the soul skill set to pull it off - as well as the awareness of some of my past life blocks and restrictions to make sure I didn't fall into the same old patterns of negative karma.

I began creating positive habits that supported my new lifestyle of living in-to my souls abilities with the unshakable confidence in who I am at soul level.

NOW when life throws me challenges (because lets be real - there is no happy ever after and every once and awhile sh** still hits the fan) 


I have the ability to lean into my natural strengths, understand where I need some extra help and make space for myself when I know that something is NOT in my natural wheelhouse.

Because it is knowing without a shadow of a doubt WHO YOU ARE that gives you the power to move through life successfully.


Whether your biggest challenge .... is your RELATIONSHIP

(happier with my husband than I have ever been - and healed many of the problems in our relationship by understanding my souls challenges and not feeding them)

....Knowing what you want TO DO

(Knowing who you are and your souls strengths wont tell you WHAT to do - but it will tell you what you are NATURALLY GOOD AT, which give you a direction to go.)

Or your biggest challenge is MANIFESTING GOALS

(Learn how your energy creates an impact - cutting out the negative patterns and replacing them with positive aligned actions)

... Overall CONFIDENCE

(WOW - there is no better way than understanding the soul level powers that are inherent in the very energetic fabric of your being)

NO MATTER WHAT level of knowledge you are seeking - Soul Realignment will give the the tools to understand who you are at Soul Level, clear blocks and restrictions - giving you the power to bust through negative karmic patterns and show you the path to taking action in alignment with your souls purpose.

If you are looking for a revamp in your life, and you feel called to take a deep dive into understanding your souls truth

Look no further,


I have helped DOZENS of people discover their souls truth, clear blocks and take aligned action to manifest their goals - freeing themselves of patterns of negative karma and supporting them in truly embracing confidence in their lives.

I have spent years studying and practicing manifestation, learning about the Akashic Records, and implementing the information I have learned on a personal level to create a fulfilling life. 


Be it in the area of career, relationships, creator-ship, confidence, mindset and manifestation - Soul Realignment can give you the empowerment you need to move forward with grace. 

Allow me to help you in your journey towards deeper self awareness, energetic knowledge and physical world confidence.


I would be honored to work with you

-xoxo Zan Dean

Master Soul Realignment Practitioner

It really was

I invite you

To take the leap!

Discover who you are at Soul Level

Embrace the opprotunity for new actions 

and intentionally create change in your life.

There is no better time than right NOW to start embracing your souls gifts.

So if you feel called.... Answer.

- Susan vaughn

  South Carolina

I have had other type soul connection, past life regression work and counseling, however Zan connected with me on a unique and extremely resounding level that felt more like she was working WITH source and my guides to further push me towards my better self.  She was very responsive from the moment I reached out to her....She was thoughtful, thorough and made me feel at ease to ask any questions...even ones I felt were silly of me to ask.  I saw great value and hence signed up for her 6 week course. I’m confident that she is the push I needed to give myself and I truly look forward to the steps I am ready to take in these next weeks with her.

- Susan vaughn

north dakota

What is 

soul realignment?

Soul Realignment is a system of healing that allows you to fall in love with your true self, gain confidence, and bust through patterns of negative karma. An Intuitive Akashic Records reading modality created by Andrea Hess, it assists us in aligning fully with our Soul Self.


Soul Realignment Modality is an intensive and specific Akashic Records Reading certification program producing the most accurate AR readers in the psychic community. Vetted and trained specifically to support the seeker in empowerment and grounded in taking physical real world action. 


My goal with this work is to open the door for you to fall in love with yourself as you are, support you in taking the action aligned to your souls gifts, and in harmony create and act on your deepest desires and purpose.

What are the

akashic records?

The Akashic Records hold an air of ancient mysticism, made popular through the readings and teachings of famous mystic Edgar Cayce, the Akashic Records are an authentic and meticulous source of energetic information.


At its essence, the Akashic Records are an account of each one of our choices and intentions, a chronicle of our past lives, and stores the information of who we are at our deepest essence (otherwise known as the Soul Blueprint). Akin to an energetic 'internet' it is a system that collects and records every action, thought, word, or desire that has existed on earth.

This system exists at the dimension of information, of which we all are a part. It is this source that informs our intuition in its most basic form. However, the accuracy gained from intentionally connecting to this powerhouse of energetic information is astounding. Akashic Records readings as a whole are the most accurate and soul enriching type of Intuitive reading available in today's "psychic" and self awareness community.


It is through the Akashic Records, I uncover the expansive and transformative information available in your Soul Realignment reading.

Self-love grows when you trust that the universe is on your side, form your desires from the heart and watch the higher Self carry them out.
- deepak chopra

your investment only


My guarantee...

I stand by the quality of this work 100%. Due to the highly in depth nature of this reading, all refund requests must be made within five days of receiving the session. No refunds will be given after the five day refund period, and you will be responsible for all outstanding payments due.

The information that she presented to me was amazingly accurate and insightful. I have been reading tarot cards for many years, but the information she was able retrieve was astounding. I found the past life information very helpful as it matched many of my life's issues. Knowing more about my spiritual goal's and life's journey was also very reassuring. In a moment where my path seemed so uncertain it was a great help to have Zan's insights into the akashic records and spiritual realms. This method has the ability to open new worlds and focus in on the true will, an aid to true seekers for sure.

- cassidy cane

Arcata, CA

The Process of

Soul realignment:

The Soul Realignment reading is a comprehensive report of your soul profile and your current blocks and restrictions. The soul profile provides information about the inherent strengths you have to manifest abundance as well as unique soul gifts and abilities. 


Blocks and restrictions are programs that you have been running unconsciously that alter and effect the outcome of your manifestations. Although these programs are unconscious, they started as repetitive patterns of negative choices that you as a powerful artist created in your life. You created your own blocks and restrictions, and with the help of Soul Realignment YOU have the power to transform them.

The knowledge of how and why these choices were made, paired with the empowering information of your Soul Profile is a recipe for transformation, growth and self love.​​



The process of this work happens in 3 parts.

                We take a look at who you are on soul profile so you have a good understanding of yourself. This part of the process is validating as well as reassuring and empowering for you. Not only does it explain in great detail the magnificence of your gifts, it also allows you to embrace what you already know and understand about yourself and your beautiful, divine traits. This step nurtures and expands upon your self love and acceptance unconditionally.


                 We dive into past choices that You as the client have made that have initiated a process of negative karma. Negative karma can create negative results that reflect poorly in our experience. Karma can be from present, or past life choices. In this part I outline the lifetime, the reasons and the motivation for when this choice took place so that you have a conceptual framework and understanding of how and why that pattern is perpetuating itself in your life. This process of storytelling allows you to relate and acknowledge these negative karmic patterns that have been disrupting your life. This is a shedding and unveiling of truths that opens you up to new change, true transformation and adjusting to a more aligned course.


                  You embrace your ability to choose. Action is the loudest vibration you can make on this dimension. Taking specific aligned action with intention to heal and bust through blocks makes a huge energetic healing impact on your life and your energy. Together we brainstorm what I call a fix-it choice that essentially realigns your actions with who you are at soul level. I create a space designed to help you discover a small action that encompasses the aligned energy to bust through and change habits of negative karma you are currently choosing. Resulting in abundant aligned results. 

The over all effect of this reading is a massive insight into powerful transformation, access to truth and access to connection to your source of inner guidance. That inner space that knows you and guides you in being who you truly are, expressing your true potential.

1st        DISCOVER WHO YOU are

2nd            UNCOVER BLOCKS


Through Soul Realignment, people experience a profound transformation in their life experiences. They begin attracting new experiences. They create more of what they want. They break through to a new level of spiritual growth and evolution.
- Andrrea Hess
(Creator of soul realignment)

your investment only


My guarantee...

I stand by the quality of this work 100%. Due to the highly in depth nature of this reading, all refund requests must be made within five days of receiving the session. No refunds will be given after the five day refund period, and you will be responsible for all outstanding payments due.

 It was a profound spiritually enriching experience for me. The reading was perfectly personal, in depth and led me on a path of some new inner work in my life. I truly believe Zan has a natural talent for intuition, guidance and counsel. This reading left me glowing! I was surprised to learn about past lives, present influences and she was able to answer all questions. Many of my friends want readings done as well. Many thanks to Zan for this mesmerizing life changing experience!

- sage kohoutek

  gainsville, mo

What you get

with Soul Realignment:

With this reading you will receive 1 hour long session including:

Soul Profile - Who you are as a divine being, your unique gifts that are the Heart of your personal manifestation powers. Your Key to Abundance as well as soul specialties.

Soul Stories - The present and past life-choices you made that initiated the patterns and programs of restriction. 

Soul Guidance - A look at practical steps to take this information to the physical level through new choices and actions.

Soul Clearing - Blocks and restrictions cleared through a simple reprogramming process.

Homework - A personal prayer so you may take a part in your own clearing.

You will also receive a recording of your session, as well as two follow up emails to answer any remaining questions.


Take a moment to tune into your Soul, your gut, whatever intuitive resource that you have.

Ask yourself what would support you in creating confidence in your life. How much time are you willing to spend waiting to take action?

If you feel the call to see what Akashic Records reading and Soul Realignment can do for you, reach out.

Send me a message and I would be honored to answer any questions you may have. 

If you feel called...

Happiness is not something ready-made. It comes from your own actions
- Dalai Lama

your investment only


My guarantee...

I stand by the quality of this work 100%. Due to the highly in depth nature of this reading, all refund requests must be made within five days of receiving the session. No refunds will be given after the five day refund period, and you will be responsible for all outstanding payments due.

MOre Testimonials

of sHaktivisions Soul realignment

Zan is very organized, has a definite flow and reiterates important parts of the reading that really matter. I know now I am meant to focus on harmony rather than truth. This is very relieving to me. She seems to really know what she is talking about, very expert about it. Thank you for the reading and updating! I really feel great. ​

- Eyan dean 

 Santa Rosa, ca

This was an incredible experience. I was in a very dark place and wholly confused and miserable. I received so much information at once--and though I am still adjusting to all of it, the key elements really brought me to my senses. I got not only insight at what brings my soul abundance, but key lifetimes where certain issues I fight with today were made clear to me. There was also a peek into my soul's origins, which surprised me. In a good way. The real thing that helped me the most however, was a karmic clearing of this outdated belief that in order to gain happiness, I must make sacrifices, whether it involves me, or even others. Ridding this karmic imprint has given my soul more room to grow, it may not be all right away, but with careful programming, I am convinced I will succeed in grounding myself, and keep other souls, entities, guides, etc from influencing me in any way. I have had such a hard time working with all the restrictions that I placed on myself on a 5th dimensional level--so with one of those elements gone, I feel more empowered, more in control, and more aware than I ever have been since I initially awoke. Thanks to Zan, I was able to have what my bf calls a "second awakening" I look forward to whatever lies ahead. Thank you again, Zan you are amazing!

- kristi     

 grand rapids, nd

This reading was exceptional! Spot on and so beneficial. The simplicity and clarity of my reading was beautifully facilitated by Zan, I really feel like I have a new lease on life and specific tasks to support my growth. I highly recommend this process!!!! 

- Lennie bea

Santa Rosa, CA

Thank you Zan. You’ve really given me insight and inspiration to care for myself at a soul level. In a world pulling me in every direction your readings are like a peaceful beacon to assist me in my journey. I know this work has already created some significant positive impacts in how I spend my energy and time. I look forward to working with you in the future. And I have already recommended you to some of my dearest friends.

- rachel barber

ukiah, CA

your investment only





Zan Dean

Guerneville, CA

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