Soul Realignment Reading

The Soul realignment reading is a comprehensive report of your Soul Profile and your current blocks and restrictions. The Soul Profile provides information about the inherent strengths you have to manifest abundance. Blocks and restrictions are programs that you have been running unconsciously that alter and effect the outcome of your manifestations. Although these programs are unconscious, they started as repetitive patterns of negative choices that you as a powerful artist created in your life. You created your own blocks and restrictions, and with the help of Soul Realignment YOU have the power to transform them.

The knowledge of how and why these choices were made, paired with the empowering information of your Soul Profile is a recipe for transformation and growth. 

With this reading you will receive 1 hour long session including:

Soul Profile - Who you are as a divine being and your unique gifts that are the Heart of your personal manifestation powers.

Soul Stories - The choices you made that initiated the patterns and programs of restriction. 

Soul Guidance - A look at practical steps to take this information to the physical level through new choices.

Soul Clearing - Blocks and restrictions cleared through a simple reprogramming process.

Homework - A personal prayer so you may take a part in your own clearing.


Life Situation Reading

This reading aids in discovering the blocks associated with a specific current situation or group of situations that are currently effecting the client. This is a great reading as a follow up session as new things in life occur and point out any remaining resistance or blocks. Often when we embark on new and life changing choices we also come upon resistence, any and all things that are not quite in alignment, come back to bite us in the ass, so to speak. This reading is geared towards clearing and dealing with present life issues that are effecting the client negatively right now!

Is a specific problem really hindering your growth or just bothersome in your experience? Maybe everything feels like a mess. This reading is to build understanding of the karmic choices that created the unwanted outcome. Learn about the blocks and restrictions that may be effecting you in this specific situation. Clear and move forward with aligned new choices to create new results!


relationship reading

This reading is geared towards learning about the dynamic soul history between you and another. Your partner, mother, friend, lover, or spouse.  All relationships hold similar vibrations, which is what draws us togther. this reading truly cobvers every aspect of how our sould work together, create drama and issues, as well as work through past life blocks and circumstances togther. Learn how many lives you have lived with your friend or partner. Learn about the complexitites of the realtioshio that are being effected by the past.

All this and more

In this reading we go over you and your "realationships" Soul profile and how they may interact together.


How many lives you have lived together, in which context that past life realtionship took place.


The life lessons that you most work with and are effected by each other in that life.

Blocks and resitrations by either party that are taking place.


Spirit guide Consultation

This is a three session consultation all about getting you familiar with your guides. Understand how they operate and how they influence and guide you into aligned choices. 

The first session we go over who is in your guide team and how they advise you as well as current advice. We apply their guidance to your current goals. And structure actions using your Soul Profile from the initial reading. 

Second reading, we connect deeper into how your guides have impacted you in your life so far.

Third reading we assess results based on actions in the first reading

all designed to get you familiar with your team and how they work with you. Each session allows a deeper trust and connection to the advice and guidance of your team.

Optional to add sessions if you need more time to find their connection.

The goal here is to get you intimately aquainted with their influence so you can determine for yourself when they are connecting with you and interpret their advice for yourself. No other intuitive or outside authority necessary.


Property Clearing

Does your house feel full of old energy? 

Can't quite get comfortable in your new work space?

Do you get a stagnant feeling in your new apartment?

Your space may need clearing

Typically, spaces that have seen a lot of drama and turmoil created by humans are left with a lingering effect.


Everyone has felt that "icky" feeling in the air after being present for a family fight, for an argument at work, or when someone has an emotional meltdown. Those hot, intense, vibrant energies are tangible in the moment. Imagine, what happens after years and years of these kinds of personal moments and energies build up in that space over and over and over again? 


No judgement to those people, we ALL have our little tiffs, breakdowns and full out fights. Unfortunately after the inhabitants of that space are long gone, the space has a tendency to hold onto some of that vibrant energy. 

That is where Property Clearing comes in

Property Clearing is a process of dislodging any previous heavy energy from a space and attuning that space towards the highest good of the new inhabitant. It essentially "resets" the space back to its default settings. Much like an old hand me down computer. You wouldn't leave all those random downloads and ghost files from the previous owner on YOUR new computer would you? No. You would factory reset it so it is wiped clean for your personal enjoyment. Property Clearing does just that, and more, for your new space.

Setting up for a Property Clearing is extremely simple

All i need is the address of the property and the names of the new inhabitants/owners of the property


Life Lessons reading

Another follow reading to learn more about your main "lessons' or rather themees that your soul has choosen to play with in this life time. really brings to light the dynamic energies associated witht choices we make each day. Reminds us on soul level that we always have choice how we look at the situation and it is up to us to decide which path we take, even though soul has given us tools with how we choose to play.


Manifesting Blueprint Cast

This is a three session cnosultation getting a sense for the unique intergrity of how we choose to interact twith the world, as well as how we are built to interact with the world in regards to manifestation. Why we make the choices we make and how to adjust our ways of being and interacting to enjoy a more pleasent and abundant manifestation process. we are all different and we all manifest differently.

Learn about your unique style of Manifesting! This reading is all about analyzing our inherent and natural integrity, or how we were built to interact most efficiently with he physical world. Understanding how you function cuts out stress over our results and gets us on track for building the life we desire to live! Three Session Package.


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