Hello! My name is Zan. I am so glad you have found this site! I am here to share and teach all that I have learned about movement and discipline. My mission is to uphold physical action as one of the cornerstones of healing and creation. Both with the dynamic practice of yoga, and the deep understanding of the soul.


I came to yoga after a young adult and childhood of being well overweight. I was so angry and frustrated that not only did my parents fail to take care of their bodies, eat right, and be balanced and well in their physique, teaching this to their kids was not even an option. I found that school certainly did not teach me to be active and take care of myself, just the opposite.  Being of a rebellious nature, I thought; Why does the man want to keep us down? Why is our society not upholding the health of the individual? I believe that it is to destabilize individual empowerment and have more access to control the minds and bodies of the public. 

So with this I discovered my true calling and activism. To grow in my awareness of my bodies strength and to uphold for others the availability of this awareness for themselves. I started my journey with yoga. First, I was obsessed with the archetype of being a ninja princess. I realized for me this meant being flexible and graceful, powerful and aware, strong and coming from a place of joy. Yoga has been all of these things for me and more. After years (almost a decade) of exploring this practice for myself and learning any and all forms, types, and aspects that called to me, I was ready to take it to the next level and share from my experience. 

I am now Buti Yoga and Vinyasa 200hr RYT certified and I am teaching at a local studio.

Buti Yoga came to me a couple of years ago when I started to get more grounded and begin to settle down. I have for most of my adult life been an adventurer as well as an intentional community enthusiast. I have traveled across the United States on multiple occasions, explored national parks and forests, and stopped to enjoy and live in some very interesting places along the way. This way of life is beautiful and full of joy, but it is also exhausting moving from place to place, and nearly impossible to set into the earth strong and sustainable roots. 

Buti Yoga has been that rooting force for me. Inspiring me to move forward into teaching the practice of yoga I love so much, as well as giving me the confidence to move forward with my intuitive business. The creative power that is called into the body during Buti is one of boundless strength and possibility. It is literally DOING the very thing I have come to learn through my practice of Soul Realignment.

I discovered Soul Realignment about the same time that Buti came into my life. I have had life altering moments within the Akashic Records, and numerous times in my life the value from meditations within the records and the study of them has aided me deeply. When I committed to studying Soul Realignment there were so many blocks and restrictions effecting me! I truly came upon some deeply held beliefs and past choices that were hindering my growth, and showing up in my studies as resistance. Working thorough the program and opening up this work to others has been another profound experience for me regarding power, awareness, discipline, and joy. 

Of course, understanding my divine gifts and inherent resonance to abundance helped. I now realize my true gift is to share and inspire through action, movement, and shedding light onto truth. My deeper mission with this work is to continue to ground spirituality into action, which is the message within Buti Yoga and Soul Realignment.


"We can only be as spiritual as we are grounded"

- Bizzie Gold Founder of Buti Yoga. 

"Physical action is spiritual action, we are all always capable of free will and choice"

- Andrea Hess Founder of Soul Realignment

So glad that you have discovered these offerings of support towards your growth! Please take a look around and see what may be available to you here. Shoot me a message if you have any questions. I am truly at your service for all things regarding yoga and soul work through the Akashic Records.

With love,

Zan Dean

  • Buti Yoga and 200hr  RYT Certified

  • Hot Buti Certified

  • 75hr Online Core Strength Vinyasa

  • Soul Realignment Practitioner level 1,2 and 3

  • Manifesting Blueprint Certified

  • Reading the Future in the Akashic Records Certifed

  • Reiki level 1,2 and Master Certified