soul realignment

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My name is Zan Dean. I am an avid yogi and mystic and I believe we can only be as spiritual as we are grounded. As we draw our intentions into reality through action, we empower ourselves to create alignment in our life as well as our body, becoming more effective as creators.

As a certified Soul Realignment Practitioner, a traveler, and a Yoga teacher, I have always had an interest in transformation and healing. I believe that we can harness the power of Shakti: The Divine energy of creation, and Vision: the ability to attain clarity, to align to our inherent abundance and take action towards creating the life we desire. Shaktivisions was born to aid in self love and self discovery, for those seeking an aligned and purpose driven life.


I offer empowered clarity to those who want to become the responsible creators of their own lives and personal narrative. My desire is to offer a clearer vision and steps towards spiritual transformation, as well as a physical practice that brings physical results.